A Buyer's Guide to Timber Flooring

At Stepfast we make it our business to know everything there is to know about home flooring. As the country’s leading flooring supplier our specialist knowledge reaches much further than just Timber. Engineered wood flooring is now an extremely popular choice in Australia and at Stepfast our flooring experts’ knowledge extends to everything about this beautiful, versatile flooring. The closest thing to solid wood flooring, engineered wood will bring you a gorgeous high end finish and a luxurious feel under your feet. Suitable for use pretty much all around the home, engineered wood is available in a wide array of wood types and shades meaning it is complementary to many colour schemes and styles of interior design. This flooring will give your home a classic finish that will last for years and through many changes of décor. We’ve created this expert buying guide to make it easier for you to find your perfect engineered wood flooring.

Why choose Timber flooring?

Room guide to timber flooring


Your living room will be transformed with the introduction of a beautiful engineered wood floor and is the perfect room to show it off. Hard-wearing and luxurious, why would you not want this flooring in your lounge?



Again this low maintenance wood flooring is a great choice for the dining room. No need to worry about food spills as the surface can easily be cleaned with a mop – as long as it’s been well wrung out. Bring elegance to your dining room with wood flooring.



Not as humid or wet as bathrooms, kitchens are ideal rooms for engineered wood flooring. You’ll get a beautiful finish and any spillages can be cleaned up simply with a microfibre or well-wrung mop.



Where else would you want opulent comfort if not the bedroom? With a wide choice of styles and woods, your only issue will be which one to choose. Engineered wood flooring in your bedroom? Go on, treat yourself!


Hall, stairs & landing

These high traffic areas needs something that will stand the test of time. Hard-wearing engineered wood will do the job just fine – and add a touch of glamour to this well used part of the home.



Some lacquered engineered wood can be used in a bathroom but it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before installing in this wet and humid space.


How is Engineered wood constructed?

Timber Flooring Finishes. 

The surface finish and plank detailing of laminate flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of your floor. This detail enhances the authenticity of your laminate, giving you the look of real slate, stone or wood. The way that laminate planks are finished really impacts on the overall look of your floor, but what are the differences in these finishes?  

Engineered Timber Finishes 

Satin Lacquer

Satin lacquer will give your engineered wood floor a slightly glossy surface that is smooth, low maintenance and stunning to look at. Lacquer makes engineered wood flooring more resistant to splashes and scratches than oil and also slows the natural colour-changing effects from sunlight.


Some laminate comes with a textured finish to the surface and this laminate is called embossed. The pattern is pressed into the laminate to create a texture that makes your flooring look and feel more like real wood. However, regular embossing doesn’t match exactly with the grain on the printed layer of your laminate.

Matt Lacquer 

Like satin lacquer, matt lacquer offers more resistance to scratches, splashes and sunlight than natural oil but gives engineered wood a very similar finish to oil or wax. For this reason matt lacquer is a very popular choice for creating a beautiful finish on an engineered wood floor.


The most traditional way to finish wood flooring, oil gives a classically natural finish. Oil will need to be reapplied more often than lacquer and doesn’t offer the same level of protection. Some people however love this about oil, enjoying the way that flooring slowly changes and ages, in the same way that wood does.