Premium Artificial Turf

Real turf look and feel while being ECO friendly

Are you seeking the most dependable Artificial Grass Suppliers in Australia? If yes, then Stepfast Flooring is your final stop. Premium Artificial Grass is the better alternative to natural grass that requires regular watering, mowing, and other types of care. Therefore, these days more and more number of people opt for Artificial Grass in Perth. We are engaged in supplying of Artificial Lawn in Perth and other parts of Western Australia. Our grass is made from the best quality yarns that do not have any toxic element and thus ensures safety of the people and animal living around.

The glue, coatings, backings, etc. of the grass are also non-toxic in nature. Further, the Synthetic Grass, offered by us, comes with drainage holes which allow the water to drain easily and quickly off the turf. The grass in protected from harmful UV rays, owing to which its colour lasts for longer time.

4 mtr width x 15 mtr length: 60 sqm $ 18.00 per sqm = $1,080.00
4 mtr width x 12 mtr length: 48 sqm $ 19.00 per sqm = $912.00
4 mtr width x 8 mtr length: 32 sqm $ 20.00 per sqm = $640.00

Artificial Turf Installed gal-over.png Artificial Turf Alfresco gal-over.png Artificial Turf 32mm gal-over.png Artificial Turf 32mm gal-over.png Artificial Turf 32mm gal-over.png

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