A Buyer's Guide to Laminate Flooring

As a leading supplier of home flooring, our expertise does not stop at timber. With laminate flooring being one of the most popular flooring choices in Australia, we’ve made it our business to ensure we know laminate inside out. Simple to maintain and easy on the eye, laminate flooring has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years and the choices available are numerous. An affordable alternative to solid wood flooring, there are countless types of wood effect laminates available as well as stone designs. There’s no better way to create the look you want than with a quality laminate and it’s usually at a fraction of the price of the real thing. We at Stepfast aim to make buying flooring simple by offering advice to guide you smoothly all the way through from browsing to installation. We’ve created this buying guide to make things easier for you to find your perfect laminate floor.


Why choose laminate flooring?


Room guide to laminate flooring


Ever popular for living rooms with good reason. It’s the perfect choice! With such a huge selection of designs, styles and colors available the only issue you may have is deciding which one you want to order for your living room!



This practical flooring is great for dining rooms. Easy to clean and maintain, it can deal perfectly well with the odd drink or food spill. Pretty much any laminate will work in your dining room so you really can create any look you want.



Easy maintenance laminate flooring is great for kitchens as it deals easily with any spillages or dropped food. Super practical and with a wide range of designs to choose from, kitchen laminate flooring will give you functionality as well as gorgeous styling.



Again, laminate is fantastically popular for bedrooms as it is super stylish and comfortable underfoot. As bedrooms are low traffic areas there’s no need to worry too much about durability. Just choose your favourite design from the huge selection available.


Hall, stairs & landing

The hall, stairs and landing are high traffic areas of the home which require hard-wearing flooring so a more durable laminate will be just the job. Choose a light oak to brighten your stairway or create ambience with walnut laminate.



Although generally not considered the ideal choice for this wet room, there are some ranges of laminate flooring for bathrooms available. It’s slip resistant so a safe option too. If you’ve always wanted a realistic wood effect floor in your bathroom, choose laminate.


Laminate Flooring Finishes

Plank edging 

No groove edge 

No groove means just that! The edges of all planks meet squarely creating a smooth, uniform surface blending the wood floor together from plank to plank.

V-groove edge 

A V groove is a finish added to the edge of each plank of wood effect laminate to enhance depth and definition between them. Each edge is bevelled so that when the planks are clicked together, a v groove can be seen between each board giving an even more natural finish by enhancing the plank effect.

4V-groove edge 

A 4V groove incorporates the bevelled edge on both the length and width of the planks which further adds to the authenticity of your laminate floor. This enhances the definition of the plank effect even more increasing the realism, giving you the look of a hardwood floor. Stone effect laminates can sometimes include a more rounded groove as this is better replicates grouting between stone tiles.

Surface finishes 


Products with a matte finish reflect the natural look and feel of timber. Floors with a matte finish tend to absorb more light, allowing them to blend seamlessly within your space. Our matte finish flooring choices have the lowest level of shine and reflection across our ranges.


Some laminate comes with a textured finish to the surface and this laminate is called embossed. The pattern is pressed into the laminate to create a texture that makes your flooring look and feel more like real wood. However, regular embossing doesn’t match exactly with the grain on the printed layer of your laminate.

Registered embossed 

The process for registered embossed is the same as for regular embossed whereby a pattern is pressed into the surface of the laminate to create texture. However with registered embossed the texture follows the grain of the printed image, creating a really authentic look and feel underfoot. Innovation in the industry’s technology enables each individual laminate plank to be matched with perfect precision.

Hand scraped 

The surface of the laminate flooring is pressed in such a way that it creates the appearance of wood that has been scraped giving it real rustic feel. The laminate appear old and distressed which is a very popular look and your feet will feel the contours of grains and indentations